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Saturday, 10 June 2017

I received these masks on my mail a few days back and after trying them out I am posting my verdict. I decided to share one mask with my sister so she choose the aloe one while I went for the canola honey.
For reference my sister and I both have oily skin

Unlike most of the masks I have tried out in the past. The comes in a relatively small packaging. The packing is bright and cheerful
These masks contain 20ml of product which is less compared to other mask but that's ok as less serum means less mess. These make are not  scented. The scent is mild and refreshing. The fit of the mask is good not too big nor too small. These is also flap to cover the nose area

The Canola honey has nice scent the serum is not sticky . It absorbs easily into the skin. One thing which I notices using this was it sting slightly more like an itch . Which I weird because I haven't Experienced. anything  like this sort ever in my past. I let this mask sit on my face for 20 mins and then patted the left over serum onto my face. This made my skin soft and hydrated. The effect lasted for a couple of hours

As for the aloe. My sister enjoyed this a was her first Time trying out a sheet mask. She has a bit of redness and pimples going on her cheeks and chin so this mask did calmed her skin down and felt soothing. According to her, she noticed that there was less redness and her skin felt moisturized. Unlike the canola honey mask she didn't Experience itching
I thinks these masks are good for the value ser long-lasting results one must use them continuously for weeks to see results
These masks are available at skin18 fir purchase

Sunday, 26 March 2017

hello girls today i will be sharing a DIY recipe of face mask i use frequently. all the products are easily available and not price so its very budget friendly. Moreover its good for all skin types. it has both exfoliating, brightening and healing properties. so lets get into the tutorial shall we?


1. oatmeal  (daliya? porridge)
2. fresh aloe leaves
3 half a lemon


take a small bowl or disposable cup/plate and add desired amount of oatmeal in it. i took about 4 tablespoons of oatmeal. then i grounded it into a powder using a pestle ( i tried too but failed)

 then add take an aloe leaf and squeeze all the gel into the oatmeal and mix then squeeze the half lemon into the bowl and mix thoroughly.

the whole mask is going to look a bit mushy and resemble a porridge . apply this mask to your face using an old makeup brush or a if you happen to own a specific brush for face mask , i actually used my fingers to apply the mixture to my face.

honestly it going to look very weird and messy but trust me the results you will achieve by this mask are worth it.

i usually leave the mask on for 20 minutes and when its semi dry i rub my face with my fingers in circular motion. this way i achieve mild  exfoliation .then i wash it off with luke warm water in winters and cold water in summer


smooth bright and soft skin,
aloe is a good moisturizer moreover it has healing properties. oatmeal has the ability to moisturize skin. it reduces redness and skin irritation. also the small bits of oatmeal act as exfoliant. lemon is rich in vitamin C it boosts collagen binding and brightens the complexion