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Tuesday, 11 July 2017

The review of this product has been pushed off  for quite some time. I apologise for the delay but I wanted to try this cleanser properly to analyze all the properties (the goods and the bads) and to see for myself if all the hype which surrounds this cleanser was true.

Even though I totally love my Bioderma Sensibio H2O Micellar water, I wanted to know if there was a less expensive alternative available in the market. I purchased the 125ml version of this cleanser. This also comes in a big 400ml bottle too which retails for 500 Pkr
About the packaging:
This has a very chic looking bottle which is transparent and has a pink cap. The cap is secure( I haven't noticed any spillage so far) on the bottle it claims that you can get about 60 uses from a single bottle which is amazing. Because this 125 ml cost about 200 pkr and to me 60 uses translates as 2 months of usage,very cosy effective👍

About the product:
This is just like water,transparent clear and has no scent. Upon shaking the bottle some bubbles are formed. The cleanser dispenses out from the bottle quite easily without making a mess. I used this by soaking my makeup removing cotton pad with micellar water and then gentle wiping my face with it. This removed the foundation from my face with one swipe. I had to go over my lips twice to remove the matte lipstick. It removed the eyeliner and eyeshadow without much effort but for mascara I had to hold the cotton pad on my lashes for a minute to loosen up the mascara

  I am quite impressed with its performance. I have heard a lot people complain that this made their skin breakout luckily I haven't experience any skin irritation or pimples while using this product so far. One thing though this leaves a slightly moist residual feel to the skin. I usually follow this up with a face cleanser so its not much of a problem for me but for those who want their skin to feel dry . You might have to consider trying out some other makeup remover.
Are you curious to know how this compares to Bioderma sensibio H2O Micellar water?? Stay tuned to my blog to see an unbiased comparison post coming up soon
Until next time

Wednesday, 24 May 2017

The holy month of Ramadan is almost here and I am so excited 😃. Even though it has been over a month since i got measles my skin has not come back to its normal pattern. So my there has been some major changes skincare routine to deal with the dry flaky skin.

Before I share the products with you guys here is a request. If you haven't got measles as of yet please get vaccinated because trust me adult measles are more severe than childhood measles. The disease is very exhausting and takes a very long time to recover. The sign and symptoms are severe and more pronounced. And the measles scar take a long time to disappear so just save your self from all the trouble and get vaccinated. As vaccination gives life long protection
Ok back to the original post. I will start of with cleanser first. My skin is normally oily. So I use cleanser which reduce oil production and combat acne but as my skin is now very dry I have switched to a hydrating cleanser by nature republic. Now this is basically a cleanser to remove makeup but honestly jt was not doing a good job at removing makeup so now I use this as a face wash. This aloe cleanser leaves the skin soft and moisturized.

Moving on to makeup removers i like to switch between bioderma sensibio H2O micellar water and the Garnier micellar water. Both are gentle on the skin and remove makeup without much effort.
To achieve smooth, flake free skin I use a very mild and gentle green tea scrub by ST.Ives. This is has such fine round granules which are non abrasive and very gentle on the skin. Plus the exfoliate the skin quite thoroughly.
For moisturizer I like to use oriflame tea tree moisturizer during day time and at night I use some thing more hydrating so stelatopia cream by mustella is my choice. Both moisturize the skin well without leaving an oily film.

Even though my skin is dry I like to wear a mud mask once every week, currently i am using the one by freemans ( oatmeal and avocado version)
I like to spritz my face with rose water during the day. This makes my face look dewy and fresh.
Lastly I am enjoying the scent of Maybelline baby lips lip balm in berry crush. This unfortunately doesn't leave a tint on the lips but does keeps my lips soft and smooth
That's all for my current routine. Would you recommend any skincare product I should try out?

Thursday, 18 May 2017

I am a hygiene freak you can confirm this by asking my classmates . So when it comes to cleaning whether its a surface or my face I like to be very thorough. For reference
I wear makeup 6 days a week for about 6hrs/day . Special occasions (party/events are exception)

 micellar water has been around for a fairly long time and the Bioderma Micellar water is the pioneer of all micellar waters(they came up with the whole concept) micellar water actually contains minute micelles of oil which when combined with water removes stubborn makeup

As you can see the packaging is quite simple. It a transparent plastic bottle which has a pink very secure cap. This micellar water comes in 100ml travel friendly bottle one medium bottle of 250ml and a big bottle of 400ml
Product is inside is clear and transparent just like water upon shaking some bubbles a re formed. This is scent free which makes it ideal for sensitive skin

Bioderma claims that this has the ph exactly same as that of our skin which is 5.5 (acidic). Which means that it does not disturbs the normal flora of the skin nor does it makes the skin overly dry or oily. It also retains the moisture of the skin and is very gently

My thought: I soak a round cotton makeup remover pad with the water micellar water and which the gentlest pressure remove makeup from my eyes and face. What I have noticed is that it easily removes makeup without much effort or tugging. Moreover I don't have to go over the same spot on my face several times. I easily breaks down foundation, mascara,eyeliner and matte lipstick. Though micellar water does not requires one to rinse water after use I do so just to be extra extra thorough

Ever since I have started using this I have noticed that I have less open comedones . Moreover my pimples have reduced considerable. Also my eyelashes look healthy and full ( no tugging means less eyelash fall)
This micellar water is really very gentle on the skin and my oily skin is behave a lot better with this makeup cleanser

Even though the price tag is a bit steep I am going to continue purchasing bioderma micellar water until I find some thing which works better or similar to this micellar water(I highly doubt that )

Friday, 31 March 2017


i have been blogging consistently  since 2014 but for some reasons i haven't meet any of the isloo bloggers during all this time , thanks to FourthArc and Bioderma Pakistan i got the chance to meet fellow bloggers and socialize with them as we shared our opinions on a common interest i.e makeup

Team BioDerma and fourthArc sent me a cute invitation to the event ( see how generous they are with the samples and the round makeup removing cotton pads ).

side note: i came all the way from abbottabad to attend this event.

the event kicked off at 5:00 pm ,  Tuscany courtyard Islamabad. when i came at the venue i was directed to the top floor where i was greeted by the sight of cute pink and white balloons  and of course  the seated bloggers. i must say that  arrangement and the decor was cute and feminine,  since this was my first time meeting everyone i was a bit shy and hesitant to strike a conversation with the other bloggers, but as the evening progressed i mustered up my courage and talked with a couple of bloggers, and believe me it was fun .

the organizer Mr omer hafiz from fourtharc gave a small introductory speech about the brand Bioderma, the  product range , and how the product is officially distributed at 82 countries around the world.

we were then briefed about the star product the 'Bioderma Sensibio H20 by mr siqqidue who held a interactive session with the bloggers, where he asked about the expectations one would have when using a makeup remover/cleanser. i tried to take part in it but sadly my tiny voice was lost somewhere between the sea of the other voices.

the bloggers then were asked to try out the amazing qualities of bioderma mi-cellar water themselves by wiping off the lipstick on the back off the hand.i was truly amazed how easily and effortlessly it removed the liquid lipstick from the back of the hand, moreover my skin felt smooth, soft and hydrated in a  non greasy way.

after the presentation we were served with delicious food . here take a look. (i am not much of eater so i just settled with a grilled sandwich /and a chocolate brownie i shared with sana makeupaholic)

what was special about this session was that team bioderma held a lucky draw, where one lucky participant got products worth 5000 pkr , cool right?!? and guess which lucky girl  got to take all the goodies  home?? khadija !!! from creative mind khadija blog . i was so lucky so sit with her and talk with her. i must say that khadija looks so so much younger then her age and she is such a humble down to earth person .  i look forward to meet you again khadija. Btw that's Ms Beenish marketing Manager of BioDerma Pakistan

i also had a very tiny conversation with  bioderma spoke person Justine who is actually french and works at the bioderma U.a.e headquarters . who  knew french can be so friendly, bubbly and out outgoing. and we took a selfie too. (sorry it came out so blurred )

the event wrapped up with a photography and video review session.  which i was a bit shy to participate in ( socially awkward person here!)

team bioderma were very generous and gave the bloggers a goodie bag which included a bottle of bioderma micellar water and samples of their other products from the range. and a very chic pen too

thank you once again FourthArc and team bioderma for inviting me over. i learned a lot from this event. gained some experience . made new friends and socialized with a lot of people.
 I must add that the event was extremely well managed and a very fun and educational experiance for me. Best wishes to team Bioderma Pakistan and Fourtharc.