Monday, 13 November 2017

Ok so i happen to be one of the lucky people who got selected for the swanicoco swan2 project and the team was kind enough to send me this box full of skincare products to try, so thank you team swanicoco and ms may for picking me for this project

i really love the brand for its transparency when it comes to their PR and review policy and how they are willing to hear all the positive and negative reviews of their product
Swanicoco's product are made out of natural products hence they pose less adverse effects to the skin. they have a vast range of products which target all skin problems and types. the products not only are great but even their packaging is very chic and sturdy

Today i will be reviewing two products i will start with the Swanicoco Bio Ferment Fermentation Snail Care Skin Toner

 like i mentioned it earlier its white and made out of plastic. the bottle is well made and there is a pump mechanism to dispense the toner which in my opinion is very hygienic as the product remains fresh. also that way you can control the amount of product hence less wastage
another great think i have noticed about the cardboard packaging is that even though the instruvtiosn and ingredient list is stated in Korean outside. they have printed the same thing in english inside the box. i would have posted a picture of the box but i couldn't bring myself to sacrifice the cardboard packaging so please try to do with this picture

Quantity: 120 ml
About the product 
as soon as one opens the cap one is met with a very pleasant natural rose scent. i personally like this scent because its not strong or over powering. the toner is not too thick nor its like water its something inn between slightly viscous but easy to spread and absorb into the skin. for some odd reason in my head i though this would feel sticky because of snail secretions but the texture is nothing close to tacky or sticky.

i have used this for some time in combination with the emulsion and i love how hydrating it is  and how quick it absorbs into the skin leaving a smooth matte finish behind.

i cant find any flaw or fault with this perfect. in my opinion is just perfect. i didn't get any breakouts with this so kudos for that!!
 5/5 without any second thought

 Swanicoco Bio Ferment Fermentation Snail Care Skin Emulsion
i have delved into a lot of different skincare products ranging from ampoules, essence toners cleansers , lotion but never an emulsion so this was a very interesting product for me because i didnt knew what to expect from it

as you can already see the packaging of this emulsion is exactly the same as that of toner. this too has  a pump. an contains 120 ml of product

About the product 
so emulsion is product which is midway between a cream and a lotions its not too tick and its not too thin and runny like a lotion . this one has nice texture it feels rich but on the skin this absorbs easily i think my skin  is currently in dehydrated state so anything moisturizing that i slap on is absorb immediately . the scent is similar to the toner so this feels so nice and relaxing
for me this product is perfect when used alone or in combination with toner. i will admit that i am a lazy person so sometimes i skip up steps and just cleanse my face and put on any of the moisturizing cream, toner or lotion that i have in my arm reach hehe . and i will admit that this emulsion totally fixes up the moisture barrier of my skin and sort of patches up the  gaps in my skin care.

so happy to tell you that even this is a fermented product it didn't cause any clogged pore so super happy with the results

honestly speaking this is the best skincare product out there. i like how you can get the benefit of snail secretions and ferment all in a single product. you can purchase SWANICOCO products at their website


Saturday, 11 November 2017

Ever since I have started following Korean makeup trends. My craze off having super matte skin has finally died down. Now I look for formulas which can help me achieve that subtle glow.
still that does not means that I don't use powder makeup products
I purchases this cult favorite loose powder by Innisfree called the No Sebum powder X Emoji edition ( its a limited edition)
As you can already see the packaging is super adorable. There are a lot of options I choose the blushing emoji. The container is sturdy and is small m it contains about 5gm of powder which initially looks quite less but trust me I have been using this for months and its still looks barely used at all. There is a cute yellow puff included with it m inside the is a plastic guard with small square holes punched to allow small amount of powder to come through
I love how finely milled this powder is. It has a faint very refreshing mint scent which lingers for few minutes. This product does not leave a white cast what so ever on the face but be warned that it flashes back on flash photography
I like to dust this all over my fave during summer time because that's when my T-zone produces the oil most and thanks to super humid and hot summers that we get in Pakistan I set my makeup with this to prevent it from melting and smudging.
in winters I like to dust this only on my nose and forehead for that soft matte look.
I can clearly see why this powder is popular all over Asian beauty community. This powder is affordable and easily available at many reputable online stores.
there are a lot of fake look alike copies of this powder circulating on internet and stores so be careful before making a purchase

I purchase mine from the skin maskeurade

Friday, 10 November 2017

I was sent this cream courtesy Leegeeham by Ms Aileen for review purpose

 A moisturizing cream specially designed for oily skin I was very curious because it contains 5 alpha hydroxy acid a chemical compound used to inhibit the action of 5 α reductase the main culprit of excess oil/sebum production and Hirsutism ( excess hair growth) in females
Just like the Hyal B5 cream this is cased in a very sturdy travel friendly container. There is a protective lid to keep the product from spilling and maintain its freshness
This cream has a faint propolis like scent which is good because I was afraid it might smell have that chemistry lab like scent 😳
The texture of this cream is a somewhat like a lotion its viscous and feels like a emulsion/ lotion.

Now I have been using my favourite green tea cream for 2 yrs straight because it absorbs immediately into the skin giving a matte finish so I had the same concept of matte akin in my mind but I was quite surprised when I applied this onto my skin
Instead of absorbing immediately this took about 5 minutes and instead of leaving that matte/ dry skin . It made my skin feel so and satin like. Moreover my makeup went on so much smoothly afterwards. What I have deduced after using this for almost a month is that this cream restores the moisture which an oily skin needs ( something which many of us oily skin people are guilty of) so this in return regulates sebum product and the skin does not feels the need to produce more oil

My experience with heavy creams have not been pleasant in the past but this one is definitely a product made after a lot of research. This does not clog up pores, cause breakout more exacerbate pimples.
The ingredient list and instructions are printed both in English and Hangul (Korean) on the box
Since the cream is on pricier side I suggest you to use a spatula to scoop out cream so that no extra bacteria is introduces in the cream( hygiene comes first)
I searched for skincare products containing 5 α-Hydroxy acids and I didn't found many so this is a one of its kind product which controls excess sebum production.
Do you know leegeeham has more product in this range. You can know more  by clicking here

Wednesday, 8 November 2017

Hyaluronic acid is not one of my favourite ingredients when it comes to sheetmasks because It often leaves my skin feeling tacky but This one sheet mask changed my whole perspective on hyaluronic acid.

About the brand:
Leegeeham combines cosmetics and pharmaceuticals to achieve a healthy complexion
About the product
The packaging is just like any other sheet mask its an aluminium foil with a matte texture. The instruction and ingredients list is stated in both Korean and English
Made with 100% pure cotton this mask feels so much refined and better than all the sheet masks I have tried previously. The sheet is well made, the texture is smooth and though its thin, its quite absorbent so its totally drenched with hyaluronic acid and B5 without any residual serum/essence unless you squeeze the serum out with your own hands.

This mask has protective plastic back cover to keep it from tearing or damage.
Now I don't have anything against hyaluronic acid containing sheets masks but I have noticed that often these kind of masks are high in glycerin content hence the tacky feel but the serum of this by leegeeham feels different. Its light weight and very viscous at the same time. This absorbs completely into the skin leaving behind a soft matte finish. I also noticed that this brightened my complexion. I wore this for 25-30mins approx because the sheet began to dry up on certain areas like my nose, chin and sides of my face.

Though its suggested to wear this sheet mask after applying toner I wore it on its own and it performed great. My skin felt so soft and smooth throughout the day. My skin didn't produce much oil because it wad hydrated and well moisturizer nor did I felt like slapping on amy face cream.the effect lasted all day long even though I washed my face twice after this mask application
I'm thoroughly impressed with this mask and would give it 5/5 💎💎💎💎💎

Tuesday, 7 November 2017

November calls for warm jackets, delicious chicken corn soup, great sales and big shopping events yup you have guessed it right . I am indeed talking about BLACK FRIDAY
In case you have been living under the rock for the past few years and don't know what's Black Friday I am going shed some light on the topic for you. According to google Black Friday is the day following Thanksgiving Day in United states where many retailers and stores offer big discounts. For the past few years this has been followed by many stores situated out side the US and has now become a global phenomenon. To know more check out this cool article at BLACK FRIDAY WIKI
Pakistan too has caught up with this shopping trend and for the last two or maybe three years . Many online stores have been offering black Friday discounts.
I managed to grab a lot of great items from the rack and online stores during the Black Friday sales last year. So I have decided to share some of my shopping secrets for Black Friday Deals to help you guys cross out more products from your wish list this year.
1. Make a list if things you need .its easy to end up buying a bunch of useless items that you buy only because they are on sale. To stay focused make a list and stick to it.
2. Design a budget: one of the major mistakes I made last year was not outlining a budget for myself.  So I ended up spending a lot then I should have
3. Research before hand: Its best to check various stores for price differences and the discounts they will be offering before making the actual purchase.  Its also better to see if the particular item ( lets say clothes or makeup) suits you? See swatches reviews of products online so that you know your are purchasing the right product
4.  Use the coupons. You would be surprised to know but many stores have special coupons which can be added to your purchase hence help you save up more money. Search online for  coupons print them or save them on your phone so that you can use them on Black friday
5.Place combined order to save up on shipping, one of my best tricks on saving money on black Friday is placing a big order
Many online stores offer free shipping when you place an order of certain amount.
So when is Black Friday 2017 in Pakistan?
This year it is on 24th November 2017. Its actually the last Friday of the month November. So the date varies every year.
Black Friday Deals 2017
Many stores have already announced the various deals offered at their store. To know all about the deals and discounts its best to subscribe to the newsletter so that all the details are directly emailed you and you don't miss out on any thing .
One particular store whose Black Friday deals stood out to me most is just like last year they are offering crazy discounts and. Special deals on almost every item on their store.

Saturday, 4 November 2017

Leegeeham recently launched the GROW HYAL B5 CREAM
Leegeeham is a Korean cosmetics brand designed by a team of dermatologists, so their products are a combination of pharmaceutical and cosmetics. Each product is  well researched and delivers what It promises
This cream Is a combination of vitamin B5 and Hyaluronic acid and has the tendency to provide more moisture and hydration than water

The reason why I don't have picture of its box is that my package ended up in a mail ( accident which resulted in damage to the packaging thankfully the container is intact)

The two main ingredients are B5 and hyaluronic acid.
B5 provides hydration, it prevents aging and acne and maintains skin elasticity
While hyaluronic acid revitalizes skin. makes it  softer and smooth, also reduces fine lines and wrinkles
About the Packaging:
A very practical chic white container which is perfect for traveling . There is a protective lid inside to maintain the freshness of the cream
Quantity: 50ml
About the product:
The texture is very interesting even though it says cream, it feels more like a gel. There is a nice scent to it . To my nose it smells like custard but my sister thinks it smells spicy
The product spreads easily onto the skin and takes about 3-5 minutes to absorb into the skin . I don't usually don't pat my creams into the skin ( that's some it have reserved for my serum and essence). Combined with the ampoule this makes a  perfect duo something which  does not requires more skincare steps.
The wow factor: My skin its feels so bouncy, I asked my mother to try this out. For reference she has mature dry skin. On her skin the results where more pronounced. The wrinkles and fine lines on her skin were smoothed out. All the dryness was gone.To explain it more thoroughly its best to say that this cream hydrates parched , dry and dehydrated skin so the lines created due to dehydration are reduced when moisture barrier goes back to normal. 
MY OPINIONI have worn this cream on its own, used it with the leegeeham Hyal B5 ampoule and even used it in combination with vitamin C . So far no adverse reaction encountered.
My mom loved this cream so much that i had no choice but to give it to her 😁
(This cream has got my mothers stamp of approval) My mom has decided to add this to  her night time skin care routine as it makes her skin feels so much soft and smooth every morning. Plus she wants the B5 and Hyaluronic acid to work their magic while she is asleep.
I think is perfect for winter but is it suitable for summers too? Only change of season will tell
This cream has got my mothers stamp of approval.

Friday, 3 November 2017

Been eyeballing skincare products containing Vitamin C serum ever since I started taking interest in skincare but the high price tag always kept me from making a purchase. So i gave my skin the dose of Vitamin C it deserved by applying diluted lemon juice mixed with glycerin onto my face once every week (This DIY leaves skin soft and bright it also lightens hyper pigmentation) But some weeks ago I had an opportunity to try this Purito Vitamin C serum and now i wish i had tried this sooner. This smells like vitamin supplements 😆 (gross right ) but the results which you get afterwards are really worth all the trouble and bad smell 😅
The serum is cased in a sturdy tinted plastic bottle( vitamin C tends to oxidize pretty fast so tinted bottles prevent them from un necessary light exposure) with a pump(very convenient and handy) and contains 60 ml of serum in it. The pump dispenses product quite generously so 1 pump is enough to cover the whole face
This serum has a light straw color  and has a water like texture which is not greasy or slippery. On application it stings slightly (its bearable) I have noticed that the sting vanishes once the serum dries down and is absorbed. My skin feels super smooth every time I use this.
 Long term effects: Reduced hyper pigmentation and lighter acne scars 👍. Since Vitamin C/ ascorbic acid  content is 10% I have decided to use this once every week as I don't want to damage my skin with too much acids and exfoliation. Sometimes I mix this serum with my regular face cream and apply this onto the face. This serum is a must have if you are starting out with skincare and want to incorporate some skin vitalising/ collagen boosting product to your routine 🙆. This can be purchased at eopen market

Friday, 27 October 2017

When it comes to asian bb cushion and bb creams I have heard many people often complain that the shade of the base makeup was too light/grey/ashy for their skin color or that Asian bb creams don't have much variety in shade range ( specifically those of you who have lovely dusky skin or their skin color ranges from NC/NW 20-40 ) I am reviewing an Asian bb cream which comes in shades #21 #23 and #27 so those who love Asian cosmetics but cant find  a good match for your skin color this one is for you.
This BB cream has a standard squeeze tube packaging which I find very convenient and hygienic. It contains 30 ml of product. It has a  screw top which is quite secure and keeps the bb cream fresh.
This bb cream contains snail mucin filtrate and 10 free formulation meaning its free from paraben, ethanol, benzophenol, animal fat, BHT,paraffin talc, phthalate, formaldehyde, bemzophenone and triethanolamine which is super cool considering the fact that snail mucin has great skin rejuvenating and healing properties. Also the 10 ingredients mentioned above are one of the major culprits of causing acne, clogged pores and irritation so this is perfect if you have problematic acne prone skin.
The texture of this bb cream is very easy to spread and blend-able +layerable moreover its light weight. This gives a semi glowy finish. The coverage is medium which can be either sheered out or build to full coverage (depends on your preference) I like how this does not feel heavily or greasy on my skin.
This blemish balms targets three skin problems  at a time
1. It gives sun protection SPF 38 PA++
2. It acts a natural looking base for your skin so hides imperfections
3. Anti wrinkle
I used this in flash photography and was so happy that I didn't get a flash back even though it contains spf 38. So this is great for taking photos 🙆
My bb cream is in shade 27 which is quite dark for me ( I have fair skin) but I am happy that I discovered a great product even though the shade didn't match me.

5/5 ❤❤❤❤❤ 

Monday, 23 October 2017

Hey there 🙋
I love products which promise to deep cleanse and make my pores less noticeable but not all cleansing products are made equal . some instead of deep cleansing over cleanse the face stripping it off of all the natural oil/sebum leaving the skin in a more dehydrated and damaged condition then it was before.

 I got a chance to try out this cute black hell pore pack by elizavecca its one of their newly released product of this year. This is a two way pore pack. Initially it works as a mask and absorbs all the oil from the face  but once you add water to it and massage its foams up and deep cleans the pores

Its super cute and vibrant on one side you can see a cartoon character  of a devils and on the other side there is an angel lol 😊. It's a nice squeeze tube with a nice sturdy cap. The product is sealed to prevent it from drying up.
Due to circulation of counterfeit products online and many stores elizavecca has decided to add scratch-able seal on their product which contains a number to ensure quality and authenticity of their products.

About the product
Its a black charcoal mask which has a thick slightly gloopy texture. Though you can spread it on your face using a spatula or i preferred using my fingers. I tried to apply the pack as evenly I could but I think I layered it thickly at some parts on my face 😔. On my face this dried up after 20 mins. It does not dry up like a clay mask( in fact it feels more like q peel of mask slightly slippery) first I added up small amount of water and massaged my face but was quite disappointed when it only turned grey but didn't bubble up but then I added more water to wash it off and was surprised how it began to foam up. (The foam was quite thick) so get the foaming/bubble effect you have to use a lot of water anyways I massaged for around 2-3mins and then washed it off( this washes of easily) but it can be a little messy. ( side note: Charcoal mask are messy)    It   Looking pore something that gets deep into the pores and clean them? I applied this cute charcoal mask and wow the  results are amazing.

The charcoal in this pack is very finely milled so you can actually feel the particles on your skin. My skin looked squeaky clean and a little dry after washing it off. The pores looked better too but the stubborn blackheads on my nose were still there 😡

Since the weather is starting to become cold I have decided to use this once very week or fortnight  or else my skin might become too dehydrated. All in one this is a fun mask/ pore pack to use and the results it delivers are good too

 you can know more about it here

I Love lipsticks . Even on days when I don't wear makeup I like to have a bit of color on my lips. They make my face look more lively and fresh. For me a lipstick should have three qualities
1. It should be pigmented should be long-lasting
3. It should have a comfortable formula
I tried out these cute and chic lipsticks by a Korean brand called CELRANICO and was amazed by their performance


the lipsticks came in a very secure cardboard box with the individual shades and their numbers marked on them

inside the slender cardboard box were housed the most luxuriously packaged gold case lipsticks. The lids on these lipsticks closes with a satisfying click so be assured the lipsticks won't make a mess in your purse. Plus the packaging is so sturdy that it wont break if you accidently drop them ( happens with me a lot)

What the brand has to say about them

CELRANICO It's Chic Matt & Moist Lipstick - The pretty lips even if you only wear it once. 11 colorations of paraben-free lipsticks that present moist and pretty lips at all times.
Texture - The soft feeling of use as if a primed was rubbed on by being differentiated with the previously - existent matte lipsticks.
No dryness - No dryness because of extracted vegetable oil ingredients from: chamomile flowers, olives, avocados, rose hip fruits, and Jojoba seed. The lips get moist the moment they come in contact with the lipstick
Colors 11 shades

[How to use] For a lighter shade, use a foundation or a powder. For a more intense color, fill lips fully with the lipstick to fit the lines of your lips. If you want a natural-looking finish, tap the inner sides of the lips and gradate to the outside.

Main Ingredients:
Anthemis Nobilis Flower Oil, Olea Europaea (Olive) Fruit Oil, Rosa Canina Fruit Oil, Persea Gratissima (Avocado) Oil, Simmondsia Chinensis (Jojoba) Seed Oil


Onto the best part 😍. I was always under the impression that Korean lip products especially lipsticks have sheer pigmentation since most of Koreans like to wear gradient lips but boy I was wrong these lipsticks are packed with pigment. One swipe us enough to cover the whole lip completely( please note that I have pigmented lips)

these lipsticks have a matte finish but the formula is unlike anything I have tried out before. Its a soft matte light weight lipstick that feels super comfortable on the lips and keep the lips feeling hydrated and moisturizer. The texture does not accentuate dry parts or cracks on the lips. The bullet glides smoothly on the lips 👌

I tried out three lipstick shades from the range

RD 11
A beautiful cool red color which makes my teeth look white in contrast with the lipstick. This us a perfect lip color to rock when going on a date, or perhaps when you want to strike an impression

RB 02
you must know by now that I am a big fan of nude lipsticks or mlbb lipsticks so I was super happy when this lipstick shade turned out to be so close to my original lip color. I have definitely found my everyday holy grail lipstick guys. This is a rose brown lipsticks perfect shade which can be paired with any makeup look and use to create a gradient lip effect 😍

PK 01
and lastly a very vibrant pink lipstick. This is by far one of the most beautiful hot pink lipstick I own the color appeals for it self it bright and beautiful. It might not be an everyday color for some of you but the color sure is unique and pretty

here are the lipstick themselves and their pretty swatches

these lipsticks retail for 22$ at kbeautie website and at Celranico